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Universal waterproof housing for most DSLR SLR lens cameras. (Note: Lens alone should not be longer than 150mm.)

Underwater up to 20m (65ft).

Transparent clear HD lens, no influence to the photographic effect.

Soft PVC jacket for convenient camera buttons control.

Reliable protection from water,dust,sand and weather elements.

Floating automatically, if dropped into water.

With a lanyard for carrying convenience.



Type: Waterproof bag

Color: White / Black / Orange / Blue / Transparent / Lime green (optional)

Material: PVC

Lens cover length: 15cm / 5.9in

Lens cover diameter: 8cm / 3.1in

Item size: 24.5 * 17.5cm / 9.6 * 6.9in

Item weight: 253g / 9oz

Lanyard length: 60-120cm / 24-48in (length adjustable)

Package size: 28 * 17 * 6cm / 11 * 6.7 * 2.4in

Package weight: 411g / 14.5oz


GQ -518L is suitable for between 105-145mm lens(More than 145mm lens can’t use.)


Package List:

1 * Waterproof bag

1 * Lanyard

1 * Cleaning cloth

1 * Rubber ring

Warm prompt:

Because this product is special, to be on the safe side,Before use, please with a paper in bag into the water,After the test,if no problem then put your electronic products in bag to use.Use underwater time generally not more than five hours.Marked waterproof depth is about testing,The actual will be different because of different weather and temperature, different seawater and freshwater, different buoyancy,in the depth of the marked data uncertainty factors.

Buyers must read:

1, because the product is a general type SLR waterproof bag, a part of machine (such as 24-70, 18-200 lens) due to the lens and body proportions, into the bag may be need to remove the lens, put the lens and body respectively in bags, and then in the bag make the lens and the DSLR body assemble, or remove the black seal clamp of bags, loading machine and then loading the sealing clamp on the bag, it does not affect the product performance.


2, size L waterproof bag loaded into the camera lens MAX long can be extension to 145mm or so, if the telephoto lenses (such as 18-200) do not use more than 145 mm telephoto shooting, can use size L. If you often use less than105 mm focal shot, can be use size M, it is more convenient to use. (GQ-518M)


3, GQ-518 have a protection film on the glass window, the film can be torn off, in order to ensure the imaging resolution.


4, GQ-518 has a focusing finger position, this is the upgrade than old style, it will be more convenient than the old style, but dear please don’t expect too high of it, because the lens housing diameter restrictions, finger focusing space is small, so the focusing will be some difficulties.


Dear, because the waterproof bag belongs to the special products, in order to prevent accidental, please when you received the item first test: put the paper in the bag, tighten the knob, please don’t make the clip to clamp a little paper. Into the water force press it test. Before open the bag please put the residual water dry, and then inverted open the sealing mouth, in order to avoid the residual water into the bag when opening. After test OK that you can be put your digital equipment into the bag. We advise you to testing before each use, please note when rotation button, rotates direction must be not wrong .Thank you.



Kindly Notes:

1. please test the product and check whether the product to avoid any damage

no shap inside to avoid scratch or drag by sharp articles in using.

2. After used in water, please put the seal downward so as to prevent the residual water from entering the waterproof jacket.

3. After use each time, please check the port and corners and the seal, wipe the water, pack to the prior box and store the box




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Additional information


Black-L, Transparent-L, Green-L, Orange-L, Blue-L, White-L







Brand Name



Waterproof Bag


Drawstring Bags

Underwater up to

20m (65ft)

Lens cover length

15cm / 5.9in

Lens cover diameter

8cm / 3.1in

Item size

24.5 x 17.5cm / 9.6 x 6.9in

Item weight

253g / 9oz

Lanyard length

60-120cm / 24-48in (length adjustable)


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